Everyone can hope.

Not born in the fall nor really that smart.
But yes, that is a variation of my name in another language.
♡Also known as 'eech'.
Look dad, I did it. All the characters in my name is in the above sentence.
How about a reward for me?
And my reward is getting myself a limit as to how much time I could spend online.
The joy of being too witty for one's own good.

Sep 10



Bleach did not change me but it did introduce me to ‘ichiHime’.

My life since then has changed.

Everything reminds me of IchiHime and I have this desire to spread the love that is IchiHime.

I have turned into this obsessive fan girl that pray at the altar that is known as Ichihime.

Wow. I sound really serious. Although I do ship them, I do know that they are not real and if I grow old, I will look back at this stage of my life and realize that my OTP was simply the best.

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